Using Beneficiary Designations to Benefit Kids

David Baird

David Baird worked for Exxon for more than 30 years. Along the way, successes in his career would eventually bring him to Houston. It was here where he learned about Child Advocates, thanks to Exxon's volunteer-oriented culture.

After a lot of interaction with Child Advocates, David ultimately joined the board in 1997 and has been a member ever since. And now he's including us in his estate plan.

"I believe in the cause and the kids, and what we try and do for abused kids that often don't receive a lot of focused attention. That appealed to me," he says.

David himself is father of three and a grandfather. When it came time to make his estate plans, he made sure his family was taken care of and then turned his attention to the organizations he cares about, including Child Advocates.

Through his involvement with Child Advocates, David realizes that organization thrives on two things: advocates and dollars.

"We're always trying to grow both of those. The sooner we can get the dollars out there to benefit the kids through volunteers, the sooner we can make progress toward helping kids that need us," says David.

He knows that it is not always popular to talk about the need for financial resources, but that in this day and age it is what drives an organization forward.

Through our planned giving program, David joined the Bernie Powell Legacy Society by designating Child Advocates as a beneficiary in his estate plan. "I don't want to be the richest guy in the graveyard," he says.

The process was as simple as filling out a few forms—and he would encourage anyone else with a connection to Child Advocates to simply just get started. "Sometimes it is hard to start thinking ahead to what you'll do when you're gone, but it is not a process to be intimidated by. I’m happy I can help the children who really need it and my gift will continue for future generations of children."

For information on how you can include Child Advocates in your estate plan, or for help naming us as a beneficiary, please contact Suzanne McAndrew at or 713-529-1396 ext. 238 to get started.